The Meditation Mixtape Hard Copy CD (PRE-ORDER)

The Meditation Mixtape Hard Copy CD (PRE-ORDER)

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Release date: 02/01/21


Orders ship out first week of Feb!!


This is a collection of songs that I've been working on over the last year.


Some original songs that are unreleased as well as my favourite Gmix songs.


1. Ball Drop Prod by Kryple

2. My Year

3. Hustle & Motivate

4. Tyler Herro

5. Guess What

6. Not So Bad ft. Kryple & Trippz Prod. by Kryple

7. Good News

8. Chicago Freestyle

9. Everything I Am

10. Rest

11. I Need a Minute

12. Dream Tomorrow ft. 80 Empire Prod by 80 Empire

13. Stressed Out Prod. by Young K

14. Soul Food

15. Thousand Words

16. Peephole

17. Get It Right

18. Pure Water

19. That's On You

20. What You Know Bout Love

21. Find My Way

22. Prosper

23. I'm On Vacation

24. Too Much

25. False Prophets



cover art by: Jason Hutton